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Cylinder Calibration gas

Calibration Cylinders offered in single and Multi gas mixtures offered in 58, 116 and 660 liter cylinders

View Details

Regulator adjustable flow 0.5 Liter per Minute 715-0.5

These regulators are a single stage design that are preset to deliver gas at a flow rate specified by the user

View Details

Regulator Demand Flow 2001

These demand flow regulators are designed for use with instruments that utilize a pump to draw the calibration gas. They provide the exact amount of gas the instrument pump requires. This regulator is...

View Details

Regulator Demand flow 2004

These demand flow regulators are designed for use with instruments that utilize a pump to draw the calibration gas. This regulator is used for special gases such as Chlorine, Ammonia, etc. They provide...

View Details

Gas Generator ACD Genie

Interchangeable generating sources.  Expandable concentrations and gases.  Ideal for demand flow or diffusion applications.  Integrated microprocessor controlled feedback.  Non-hazardous transport...

View Details

Gas Generator Specialty Gases ACD CAL 2000

The Cal 2000 provides unmatched versatility and accuracy in corrosive calibration gases. Field replaceable electro-chemical generating cells provide a calibration standard for accurately testing chlorine...

View Details

Area Monitor BZ-1Radius

Detect up to seven gases using 15 sensor options including PID Longest running area monitor with a typical run time of 7 days (168 hours) Audible alarms sound at 108 dB at 1 m to cut through...

View Details

Bump N Go Test Cylinder

Bump testing gas detectors before each day’s use is the only way to be sure that the sensors respond to gas. But if your team works on the go, they might not have access to a docking station or calibration...

View Details

Calibration Station BW Micro Dock II

Quick and easy compliance - automatically maintain accurate records Automatic bump testing, calibration, record keeping and charging  One base station with one AC outlet supports up to six modules to...

View Details

Calibration Station Industrial Scientific DSX

The DSX Docking Station easily maintains the gas detectors that keep your people safe in hazardous environments. The DSX Docking Station system is compatible with Industrial Scientific Instruments...

View Details

Controller RKI Dual Channel Beacon 200

The Beacon 200 is a powerful, low cost fixed system controller for two points of gas detection. It is microprocessor controlled, versatile, simple to install and operate, and priced to be the industry...

View Details

Controller RKI Four Channel Beacon 410

The Beacon 410 is a highly configurable, microprocessor-based, flexible and easy to use 4 channel gas monitor. It simultaneously displays the gas type, readings, and status for 4 channels of gas detection...

View Details
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